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This guide will help you answer the following questions.

  1. How do I post content?
  2. Where do I post content?
  3. Where do I find content?
  4. Who sees what I post?
  5. How do notifications work?

How Is The Toolkit Structured?

The toolkit is a collection of topic spaces, - each one containing sections for its own discussions and resources as well as an activity feed of all content on the space's home page. Resources are document uploads, external links, or wiki pages and discussions are questions and conversations.  

The top level space - GRCA Toolkit - is home to very general resources or discussions that might not fit neatly into any of the topic spaces.  Beyond that, we've created spaces for the most common topics like Volunteer & Staff Management, Summer Camp, Ladies Rock Camp, and Additional Programs. If you have suggestions for additional spaces, please contact the Community Management team. 

How Do I Navigate and Find Content?

You can navigate to different spaces and sections via the dropdown arrows in the black toolbar above. Clicking the "Home" icon takes you to the community homepage. 

There is also a search feature in the toolbar, which searches all content in all spaces and allows you to refine your search results further by content type or topic.

How Do I Add a Document/Resource or Start A Discussion?

You can create content by selecting the plus symbol in the black toolbar. Note that the plus sign in the toolbar is relative either to the space you are currently in, or, if you are on a content page like this one, it remembers the last space you last visited. This means when you create content with this button, it will be placed either in your current location or your last visited one.  

Who Sees What I Post?

This is a private community, and all members have access to all spaces once logged in. So anything you post in any space is visible by all active members in the Toolkit. A member directory can be seen here

How Do Notifications Work?

Email notifications are sent for all members when new content is posted.

Please add to your Contact List/Address Book in your email provider to ensure these don't go to spam. If you want to turn email notifications off, follow these steps. If you are posting new content or editing content and *don’t* want notifications to be sent (say you’re just revising something, or posting 10 new resources and don’t want it to seem like spam), follow these steps. More improvements coming - like digests!